Create an Automatic World

WigWag Relay lets you create rooms that respond to your preferences and the surrounding world.

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One System for Home Automation

WigWag Relay

The WigWag Relay gives you the tools necessary to bring together your collection of smart devices.

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Mobile & Desktop Apps

WigWag mobile lets you control and write basic rules quickly. The desktop app lets you write more complex rules.

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WigWag works with sensors, thermostats, lights and locks to let you build the smart home of your dreams.

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WigWag Relay

Speed, Security & Privacy

With the WigWag Relay, you're a scan and tap away from automating like a pro—even if you're a beginner. Designed with speed, security, and privacy in mind, it can operate locally or using the cloud. The Relay’s hybrid architecture enables faster response times, increased privacy and reliability; plus its rolling 128-bit encryption means enhanced security.

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WigWag Relay

Better Together

All your connected products work better together when linked with WigWag Relay. Interoperability between brands, standards, and connected device protocols form the foundation of the Relay. Connect it to other WigWag devices or mix and match brands using protocols such as 6loWPAN, WiFi®, Zigbee®, and Z-Wave®.

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WigWag Relay

No Internet? No Problem.

Internet outages are frustrating enough without losing control of all your connected devices. Since rules execute locally rather than the cloud, the WigWag Relay won’t lose local control when the Internet goes down.* In a world of smart devices and legacy hubs that turn dumb without the Internet, WigWag is truly brilliant!

*Internet connection needed for initial setup, software updates and for control when away.

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Don’t get stuck with hardware that turns obsolete in just a few years. The WigWag Relay’s hardware and software is upgradable, which means you don’t have to worry about new standards making your system out-of-date. It also gives you the flexibility to add additional wireless protocol capabilities by plugging in an upgrade dongle into one of the USB ports.

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Mobile App

Intuitive & Customizable

Quick Control

Use the app to easily manage and control devices in your home.

Stay Up to Date

With the Feed, you can see any change made to devices so you know what’s going on even when you're not at home.

Create Scenes

Customize your device settings for watching movies, when you’re going away or going to sleep under the Moods tab.

Desktop App

Advanced Automation Made Simple

Easy & Fun to Use

A drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to build rules, simple or complex.

If Blocks

Always asking yourself what if? Build scenarios for those just-in-case situations, like when you’re away set devices to come on but if there’s motion get sent an alert.

Edit in Seconds

Have new devices you want to add to a rule or want to make a slight change to a schedule or setting? Make it happen in a few clicks.

No Internet? No Problem

If your Internet goes out, your rules will still execute. Your devices stay on schedule and automated for convenience no matter what.

Your house, your rules

Build it Block by Block, Cloudless

Most smart home controllers make you fit into their box of ideas…  WigWag gives you limitless flexibility.  Let your imagination take control of your smart devices, without having to use any third-party cloud services outside of your home.  WigWag's rules can be super simple or as complex as you like.


Devices WigWag Works With

The WigWag Relay works with many of your favorite brands and protocols, and it’s upgradeable. As new connected devices are released, they are added to the Relay via the cloud. Our software platform is open source and it is supported by a community of developers, which means new smart devices will become compatible even faster.

Belkin Wemo™

Philips Hue™



Connected By TCP™

Aeon Labs™

OSRAM Lightify™

GE Switch™

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Hands-Free with Alexa

Change settings with a few spoken commands to get your envrionment set up for a party, movie night or as you’re getting your house ready for bedtime.

Lighting with WigWag

Get all your lights working together with the WigWag Relay and WigWag’s smart LED Filament. Filament takes lighting to the next level by combining with other smart lighting devices. It works even if the Internet goes down by working locally, giving you faster response times.

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WigWag gives you the power to control and automate your home with ease.

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