Sending texts through SMS Gateways

SMS Gateways

An SMS gateway is a telecommunications network facility that manages the sending of SMS messages to and from telecommunication networks. Many of these gateways support SMS conversion from email format (aka SMTP).

What does that mean for us? Luckily, most of the main U.S. carriers and many of the international ones provide public SMS gateway services. That means as long as you know the correct gateway email address, you can send a text message as freely as you can shoot off an email! (Note, however, that the recipient of the text message will still be charged according to his/her service provider). For example, sending a text to your brother’s T-Mobile number 978-555-0100 is as simple as sending an email to [email protected]!


There are some disadvantages of using these free Mail-to-SMS services. Unfortunately, you cannot control the appearance of the text message. Formatting differs across carriers but most will display the message as the sender’s email, followed by a punctuation mark, the email subject, followed by a punctuation mark, and lastly the email body. For instance, a typical text sent through the T-Mobile gateway would look like this:

3811: [email protected] / Email subject here / Email body here


As is with any public service, the SMS gateways can be prone to mood swings, especially for some carriers more than others. Transit time can fluctuate. The majority of my text messages sent through T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint PCS, and Verizon were received after about 1 minute – but every once in a while the message would lag to up to five minutes or so.

I also suspected that some of my texts were getting dropped, but later I found the culprit to be something else (though I have no doubt these carriers are susceptible to dropping messages). Turns out some carriers will block any texts that pass through their gateway fulfilling a certain criteria. For example, some carriers will block text messages that contain profanity. I haven’t been able to find any official mentioning of texts being blocked, but many users have reported such. On the stranger side of things, T-Mobile appeared to block any texts I sent that contained the word “verification”…

Compiled List

I’ve gone through a bunch of different sources (see bottom of post) to compile a list of carriers and their corresponding Mail-to-SMS gateway address for certain countries. Just replace “number” in the gateway address with your recipient’s phone number! As you can imagine, with some crazy merger and buyout happening every week, most of the international gateways are untested. I tried to do a little company research and keep as up-to-date as possible, but if you notice an error please feel free to leave a correction in the comments.

Note that you MUST have the correct carrier and the correct country! For more on international phone number formats, you may find an interesting read in telephone conventions and country-specific phone numbers.

NO gateways were found for Finland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Turkey, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Egypt, and mostly all of Africa. If you have a gateway to report for one of these countries, please leave a comment!

Country Carrier Gateway Address Notes Message Format

Worldwide C Beyond (All Page Wireless) [email protected]

Globalstar (satellite) [email protected]

Iridium (satellite) [email protected]

Panacea Mobile [email protected] subject: username password
body: the message

RoutoMessaging [email protected] Subject: Sender ID (Originating Address who is sending the message) Body: the message (Note: plain text emails supported)

Europe Freebie SMS [email protected]

TellusTalk [email protected]


3 River Wireless [email protected]

Alaska Communications [email protected]

Alltel (Allied Wireless) [email protected] This particular service may be unavailable since it was acquired by Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Ameritech [email protected]

AT&T Enterprise Paging [email protected]

AT&T Global Smart Messaging Suite (Powered By Soprano) [email protected]

AT&T Wireless [email protected] This gateway fails to handle complete phone numbers; the country code must be omitted, leaving only the ten-digit NANP number. address text
address (subject) text

BellSouth [email protected]

Bluegrass Cellular [email protected]

Bluesky Communications [email protected]

Boost Mobile [email protected]

C Spire Wireless [email protected]

Carolina West Wireless [email protected]

Cellcom [email protected]

Cellular South [email protected]

Centennial Wireless [email protected] This particular service may be unavailable since it was acquired by AT&T.

Chariton Valley Wireless [email protected]

Cincinnati Bell [email protected]

Cingular (Postpaid) [email protected]
[email protected]

Cleartalk Wireless (Cleartalk) [email protected]

Cricket [email protected]

Edge Wireless [email protected]

Element Mobile [email protected]

Esendex [email protected]

General Communications Inc. [email protected]

Golden State Cellular [email protected]

Hawaiian Telcom Wireless [email protected]

Helio [email protected]

i wireless (T-Mobile) [email protected]

i-wireless (Sprint PCS) [email protected]

Illinois Valley Cellular [email protected]

Inland Cellular Telephone [email protected]

Kajeet [email protected]

LongLines [email protected]

MetroPCS [email protected]

Nextel [email protected]

Page Plus Cellular (Verizon MVNO) [email protected]

Pioneer Cellular [email protected]

Pocket Wireless [email protected]

Qwest Wireless [email protected]

Red Pocket Mobile (AT&T MVNO) [email protected]

Rogers Wireless [email protected] Subject must be in plain text, not Q-encoded as described in RFC 2047. Name (subject) text(Note: Subject must be in plain text, not Q-encoded as described in RFC 2047.)

Satellink [email protected]

Simple Mobile [email protected]

South Central Communications [email protected]

Southernlinc [email protected]

Sprint (PCS) [email protected] address message

Straight Talk [email protected]

Surewest Communications [email protected]

Syringa Wireless [email protected]

T-Mobile [email protected] Number can and by default properly begins with “1″ (the US country code) address text

Teleflip [email protected]

Telus Mobility [email protected]

TracFone (prepaid) [email protected]

Unicel [email protected]

US Cellular [email protected]

USA Mobility [email protected]

Verizon Wireless [email protected] address (subject) text

Viaero [email protected]

Virgin Mobile [email protected]

West Central Wireless [email protected]

XIT Communications [email protected]

Canada Aliant [email protected]

Bell Mobility & Solo Mobile [email protected] Including leading 1 country code may lead to errors

Fido [email protected]

Koodo Mobile [email protected]

MTS Mobility [email protected]

PC Telecom [email protected]

Rogers Wireless [email protected] Subject must be in plain text, not Q-encoded as described in RFC 2047. Name (subject) text(Note: Subject must be in plain text, not Q-encoded as described in RFC 2047.)

SaskTel [email protected]

Telus Mobility [email protected]

Virgin Mobile [email protected]

Wind Mobile [email protected] address text

United Kingdom aql [email protected] address text

BigRedGiant Mobile Solutions [email protected]

Connection Software (CSoft) [email protected] Subject and Body are concatenated into the text message

Esendex [email protected]

Hay Systems Ltd (HSL) [email protected]

Mediaburst [email protected]

My-Cool-SMS [email protected]

O2 [email protected]

Orange [email protected]


T-Mobile UK [email protected]

TextMagic [email protected]

Txtlocal [email protected]

UniMóvil Corporation [email protected]

Virgin Mobile [email protected]

Vodafone UK [email protected]

Ireland Meteor [email protected] This message will be sent as MMS, since SMS service is no longer available with this carrier.

Germany E-Plus [email protected]


T-Mobile (Telekom)

Vodafone (D2 Mannesmann)

Italy TIM

Vodafone 3**

Spain Esendex



France Bouygues Télécom


Belgium Mobistar

Greece Vodafone May require activation and/or be restricted from new members.

Denmark Mobilix


TDC (Tele Danmark Communication)


Iceland OgVodafone


Luxembourg P&T Luxembourg


Netherlands Orange / Dutchtone

T-Mobile Number starting with 316 – requires activation by sending “EMAIL ON” to 555 from the phone

Norway Netcom

Sendega Registration required Content support:subject, body orsubject + body. Settings available from website (login required)


TeletopiaSMS Content settings available from website Content settings available from website

Portugal Optimus

Telecel This particular service may be unavailable since it was acquired by Vodafone


Sweden Europolitan This particular service may be unavailable since the change to Vodafone Sweden AB and the acquisition of Telenor

Tele2 (formerly COMVIQ)

Switzerland Box Internet Services SMS Gateway

Sunrise Communications


Austria One Connect This particular service may be unavailable since it was acquired by Orange


Israel Pelephone


Hong Kong CSL

Japan au by KDDI


Vodafone Chuugoku/Western For Chuugoku/Western, Japan

Vodafone Hokkaido Hokkaido, Japan

Vodafone Hokuriku/Central North For Hokuriku/Central North, Japan

Vodafone Kansai/West, including Osaka For Kansai/West, including Osaka, Japan

Vodafone Kanto/Koushin/East, including Tokyo For Kanto/Koushin/East, including Tokyo, Japan

Vodafone Kyuushu/Okinawa For Kyuushu/Okinawa, Japan

Vodafone Shikoku For Shikoku, Japan

Vodafone Touhoku/Niigata/North For Touhoku/Niigata/North, Japan


Willcom di

Willcom dj

Willcom dk

South Korea Helio

Thailand AIS This particular service has not been confirmed.

AIS May require calling the carrier and activating MMS services.
China China Mobile

Australia Blue Sky Frog

SL Interactive

SMS Broadcast

SMS Central


T-Mobile (Optus Zoo)

Telstra Integrated Messaging (powered by Soprano)


New Zealand Telecom New Zealand


India Aircel

Andhra Pradesh AirTel

Andhra Pradesh Idea Cellular

Chennai RPG Cellular

Chennai Skycell / Airtel

Delhi Airtel

Delhi Hutch

Goa Airtel

Goa BPL Mobile

Goa Idea Cellular

Gujarat Airtel

Gujarat Celforce / Fascel

Gujarat Idea Cellular

Haryana Airtel

Haryana Escotel

Himachai Pradesh Airtel

Idea Cellular

Karnataka Airtel

Kerala Airtel

Kerala BPL Mobile

Kerala Escotel

Kolkata Airtel

Loop (BPL Mobile)

Madhya Pradesh Airtel

Maharashtra Airtel

Maharashtra BPL Mobile

Maharashtra Idea Cellular

Mumbai Airtel

Mumbai BPL Mobile

Pondicherry BPL Mobile

Punjab Airtel

Tamil Nadu Aircel

Tamil Nadu Airtel

Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile

Uttar Pradesh West Escotel

Russia BeeLine GSM







Malaysia Celcom

Singapore M1

Starhub (powered by Soprano)

Mexico Iusacell


Nicaragua Claro

Costa Rica ICE address : (subject)text

Panama Más Móvil

Dominica Digicel (no-area-code) Do not include the area code.

Brazil Claro



Colombia Comcel (Claro)


Tigo (formerly Ola)

Argentina CTI Móvil (Claro)

Movistar The number must NOT include the country code.

Nextel Requires the Two-Way number.

Personal Requires calling the service for activation

Aruba Setar Mobile email

Bulgaria Globul


Vivacom Requires country-code–Vivacom-area-code–

Croatia T-Mobile address##subject#text

Czech Republic Eurotel (now 02) This particular service may be unavailable since it was acquired by O2

Oskar (now Vodafone) This particular service may be unavailable since it became Vodafone Czech Republic

Estonia EMT

Hungary Ozeki


Latvia Kyivstar



Poland Orange Polska


Serbia Mobtel Srbija (Telenor Serbia) This particular service may be unavailable since it became Telenor Serbia

Slovenia Mobitel

Si Mobil

Ukraine Kyivstar


South Africa MTN


Puerto Rico Claro

Centennial Wireless

TracFone (prepaid)


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